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Forrestfield Veterinary Hospital
313 Hale Road
Wattle Grove
WA 6107

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08 9453 1290

High Wycombe Veterinary Hospital
548 Kalamunda Road
High Wycombe
WA 6057

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08 9454 6915

Because we operate both the Forrestfield and High Wycombe Vet Hospitals, all of our Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses work at both hospitals on a rostered basis.

  • Dr Neville Hoes
    Veterinary Surgeon

    Dr Neville Hoes has been associated with Forrestfield Veterinary Hospital for over 25 years and has been an owner/partner of the practice since 1989. With pride, he has seen the practice grow from its early small beginnings as a mainly horse practice in a semi-rural area, to the entirely small animal, multi-vet modern facility it is today.

    Although interested in all aspects of dog and cat veterinary work, Neville's particular interest is in small animal surgery and orthopaedics, and he is a highly experienced and competent surgeon, regularly performing complex procedures. Married with two teenage daughters, he has a Shihtzu dog, “Martha”, and 2 moggie cats, “Garfield” and “Polly”, both originally strays from the hospital!

    Dr Neville Hoes3610 2
  • Dr Gavin Davison
    Veterinary Surgeon

    Originally from South Africa, Gavin worked extensively as a vet in the United Kingdom, as well as in South Africa, before moving to Perth in 2002, where he joined Forrestfield Veterinary Hospital. An owner/partner of the practice since 2004, Gavin’s dedication and veterinary skill has made a huge contribution to the growth and development of the practice, making it into what it is today.

    Gavin prides himself on his thorough approach to cases and communication skills. An excellent surgeon, he enjoys all types of surgery, and especially the more complex soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures, regularly performed at our two hospitals.Gavin’s family include his wife and 2 young sons, as well as their rabbits, "Lilly" and "Pilly"!

    Dr Gavin Davison3610 2
  • Dr Kathryn Starling
    Veterinary Surgeon

    Dr Kathryn Starling has had an association with Forrestfield Veterinary Hospital, which spans over 17 years, since she started as a senior associate vet in 1994. Despite taking an extended break to raise her 2 boys, Kathryn returned to the practice in 2008 and has become established, once again, as a valued member of the veterinary staff.Now with over 20 years experience, Kathryn’s interests lie in all aspects of medicine, in particular dermatology. She enjoys a thorough medical diagnostic work-up, and regularly attends continuing veterinary education courses, in her spare time! Kathryn's home "menagerie" includes her husband, 2 cats, 4 rabbits, 2 chooks and a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, not to mention her 2 sons, all keeping her very busy!

    kathryn small3610 2
  • Dr Jasmin Phua
    Veterinary Surgeon

    Most clients would be very familiar with Jasmin's friendly face at Forrestfield Veterinary Hospital over the last few years. Originally from Singapore, Jasmin moved to Perth when she was 16 years old to follow her dream of becoming a vet, which was finally realised when she graduated from Murdoch University Veterinary School. Extremely dedicated and compassionate, she is constantly striving to be the best General Practitioner vet that she can be, across all fields. Jasmin has a particular “soft spot" for Pugs, and has attended courses specific to Pug veterinary conditions. Her pets include her pug “Teddy” (of course) and a guinea pig named “Pig”.

    Dr Jasmin Phua3610 2
  • Dr Nyssa Reardon
    Veterinary Surgeon

    Nyssa is a great communicator with a bright and positive attitude that is well known to our hospital clients over a number of years now. Her skills as an outstanding student while at university, graduating near the top of her class, has translated well into private veterinary practice, and Nyssa has a reputation amongst the staff of the hospitals for her amazing veterinary knowledge base and recall. Nyssa’s particular interests lie in medicine, and she enjoys the challenge of “working up” a medical case. Specific interests also include dermatology and ophthalmology. A self-professed "geek", Nyssa is married and she and her husband have added  “fur-babies", in the way of "Theodore" and "Matilda", their kittens, both strays brought in to the hospital. Nyssa is currently on maternity leave pending the birth of their first child in late March 2016, but will be returning to the hospitals later in 2016, & we look forward to her return.

    Dr Nyssa Reardon3610 2
  • Dr Simon Lau
    Veterinary Surgeon

    The newest addition to our veterinary team, Simon has rapidly developed a following of clients and patients alike, thanks to his big smile and gentle nature. Growing up on a farm in New Zealand initially sparked Simon's interest in animals before moving to Perth as a teenager. Interested in all aspects of veterinary medicine, Simon particularly enjoys the challenge of new surgical techniques.

    In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and is an avid rugby and football fan. Pet wise Simon has 2 pugs and enjoys looking after his koi fish.

    Dr Simon Lau